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Contact Information

The Delaware Center for Justice serves both adults and youth who are justice-involved – transforming the delivery of justice in Delaware and implementing programs that facilitate fresh starts for victims of crime, youth at risk, and the incarcerated. 

Primary Contact Name: Ashley Biden
Position: Executive Director
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone: 302-658-7174 Ext. 29


  • Bill Number: HB 306

    Type of Reform

    Reverse Waiver Reform- Gives criminal court judges discretion to reverse waive youth charged with firearm offenses back to juvenile court.

    Year: Introduced 2018

  • Bill Number: HB 9- Win

    Type of Reform

    Reverse Waiver Reform- Limits the offenses that are ineligible for reverse waiver to juvenile court to firearm offenses.

    Year: 2017

  • Bill Number: SB 200 - WIN!

    Type of Reform

    Transfer Reform - Limits the number of youth automatically transferred to adult court for robbery charges. Now, charge must include a weapon or significant injury.

    Year: 2005


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