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Inaugural Adultification Briefs

A series of policy briefs examining of youth transfer in all its stages: arrest, trial, sentencing and detention stages.  The series exposes transfer's negative impact on youth, particular minority youth, and better alternatives for youth placement.

Youth Transferred to Adult Court: Racial Disparities

Author: Amanda Burgess-Proctor, Kendal Holtrop and Francisco A. Villarruel

racial disparitiesThis policy brief documents the negative consequences that accompany the practice of trying youthful offenders as adults, both for youth in general and for youth of color in particular.

Perpetual Punishment: The Consequences of Adult Convictions for Youth

Author: Alexa Eggleston

perpetual punishmentAn examination of the long-term consequences of adult conviction for a youth, including federal legislation barring access to federal programs (food stamps, public assistance, public housing, etc) as well as state legislation over criminal history anonymity, employment barriers and other essentials to becoming a productive citizen.

Return Them to Juvenile Court

Author: H. Ted Rubin.

return them to juvenile courtA criticism of the punitive dimensions of historic and recent policies that have placed juveniles in the criminal courts, this brief also describes rationales that better fit society's interests in strengthening juveniles to be well-adjusted youth, rather than risking their futures and society's interests with their incarceration as criminals.

Children Being Tried as Adults: Pre-Trial Detention Laws in the U.S.

Author: Melissa Goemann, Tracy Evans, Eileen Geller, and Ross Harrington

children being tried as adultsA run-down of the pre-trial detention laws for each of the 51 jurisdictions in the United States (50 states plus the District of Columbia). Includes information on the negative effects of holding youth pre-trial in adult facilities.