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Contact Information

Children's Policy and Law Initiative of Indiana (CPLI) advocates for systemic changes in laws and governmental responses so that they promote healthy outcomes and ensure that the treatment of troubled children is just and age-appropriate. CPLI is seeking to reform laws and policies that contribute to the criminalization of children in Indiana.

Primary Contact Name: JauNae Hanger
Position: President 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 317-357-0903
Twitter: @CPLIofIndiana
Facebook: @CPLI.Indiana


Bill Number: HB 1228

Type of Reform

Transfer data collection - Required the annual publication of demographic data on youth statutorily excluded and transferred to the adult system, including data on age, sex, race, county of prosecution, offenses charged, convictions received, sentence received.

Year: 2018

Bill Number: SB 160

Type of Reform

Transfer Reform - Created a mechanism in the law to return a child who is 16 years or older and is tried unsuccessfully under the direct file statute, back to juvenile court when the child is found guilty on "non-direct: file offenses.

Year: 2016

Bill Number: HB 1304

Type of Reform

Transfer Reform - Requires the criminal justice institute to track the number of juveniles in adult court;  If a sixteen or seventeen-year-old child is arrested for any of the listed crimes, the child is taken to the jail — not the juvenile detention center — and any charges are filed in criminal court and not juvenile court.  The requested data would shed light on the number of children who automatically are treated as adults due to these “direct file” charges. Also modifies the minimum age for certain types of waiver to criminal court.

Year: 2015

Bill Number: HB 1108

Type of Reform

Detention Reform - Criminal courts can consider alternative sentencing which allows a judge to send youth convicted as an adult into a state-run juvenile correctional facility for appropriate supervision and rehabilitative treatment until the youth turns 18.

Year: 2013


Report and Recommendations (2011)

Recommendations from a statewide collaboration to screen and connect youth to mental health care upon entry into Indiana juvenile detention facilities.

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