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Articles tagged with: Father's Day

Happy Father's Day from the Campaign for Youth Justice

Samantha Goodman Friday, 19 June 2015 Posted in 2015, Voices

Untitled designBy Samantha Goodman

This Sunday marks Father’s Day, a national celebration and recognition of fathers and the special place they serve in our lives. While some exchange gifts, watch baseball, or enjoy a special dinner with their fathers, others are not as fortunate to spend the special day with loved ones. The Campaign for Youth Justice recognizes all of those fathers who, due to incarceration, are separated from their children this Father’s Day.

We would also like to acknowledge Charlie Curtis of Free Minds Bookclub and Writing Workshop, as well as DC Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie, who are being honored this Sunday by the DC Fatherhood Coalition as Fathers of the Year. Incarcerated at the age of 16, Curtis served five years in federal prisons before being released in 2012. He now serves as Free Minds’ Lead Poet Ambassador, encouraging youth at detention facilities and DC area schools to put a precedent on their education. In addition, he is a full time father to daughter, Chloe (1), and son, Charlie Jr. (1 month).

Tyrone Parker, of the DC Fatherhood Coalition and the Executive Director of the Alliance for Concerned Men, calls Curtis a role model and example to us all.

“He is a young man, who has faced the challenges of incarceration and is now manning up to be a father,” said Parker.

Check out Charlie's story here.

This Father’s day, and always, put family first.

Happy Father’s Day from the Campaign for Youth Justice.


Support Family Engagement This Father's Day

Friday, 14 June 2013 Posted in 2013, Research & Policy

On Sunday, we will gather to honor and thank the fathers and other important men who have nurtured us in our lives through their love, support, and patience. We all have such men in our lives - men who work daily to provide and to protect the children and family they love. 
Unfortunately, most justice systems in operation today keep fathers, mothers, and family members at arm's length. Family must come first, especially when it comes to children who come into contact with the law. 
This is why the Campaign for Youth Justice has written Family Comes First, the first comprehensive analysis of current family engagement and family partnership practices in juvenile justice systems around the country. This manual provides practical tools and resources for practitioners interested in undertaking a family-driven approach to juvenile justice. 
This manual fills the gap in research and policy by providing a clear and intentional guide to transforming the justice system by taking a family-driven approach.
Please consider making this report a gift to a father or family in need of this resource. 
For additional information on how to get your copy of Family Comes First, please visit here.
Happy Father's Day from the Campaign for Youth Justice!