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Juvenile Justice News

Cuomo’s juvenile justice mistake: Proposing to defund Close to Home

When Jeremy Taveras was 16 years old, back in 2012, he was arrested for gang-related activity. Things were turbulent at home, and he was struggling in school.

DA candidates address an unusual constituency

Celestino Vicente has been in pretrial detention at South Bay for five months. Held on gun and assault charges, he has been deemed too dangerous to be granted bail. It’s serious stuff that Vicente knows could cost him his freedom for a very long time. But he doesn’t want his alleged crime to define him. “Everybody needs to be seen as a citizen first,” Vicente, 37, said.

DA Candidates Wrestle Over How Often Is Too Often to Charge Juveniles in Adult Court

In her bid to become San Diego’s next district attorney, Geneviéve Jones-Wright made a bold claim about how she would handle young people accused of committing serious crimes.

The career public defender seemed to tell the American Civil Liberties Union in a questionnaire that she’d refuse to try juveniles as adults. The questionnaire asked whether she’d decline to seek sentences of life without parole for any person under 25 at the time of their offense.

Democrats running for governor call for slashing prison population

Democrats running for governor are campaigning on prison reform, with many of them calling for cutting the inmate population in half. The eight Democrats seeking to challenge Walker say they want to lower costs by scaling back the number of inmates. Many of them are calling for legalizing marijuana, releasing some inmates early, closing one or more prisons and ending parole and probation revocations for violating supervision rules.

Depke Juvenile Justice Complex passes voluntary Prison Rape Elimination Act audit

Following an extensive study and training program, the Depke Juvenile Complex requested and passed an audit conducted late last year under the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act.

Directly Impacted Youth Are Leading Fights Against Racism and the Criminal Punishment System

There's a growing movement to change the criminal punishment system in this country, and it's being led by men and women who've lived it. As the National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls puts it: "Nothing about us without us."

Don’t Arm Teachers; Arm Communities with Prevention Supports

One week after a gunman took the lives of 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD) in Parkland, Florida, students across the country stood in solidarity with students from MSD and walked out of their classes to demand action on gun control

Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins Lets Signs Do His Talking On Racial Injustices

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins used silence and signs to deliver a strong message on what the protests by NFL players are really all about.

In the aftermath of President Donald Trump rescinding a White House invitation to the Super Bowl champions, journalists surrounded the player on Wednesday after a team workout.

Editorial: Adult criminal charges no way to rehabilitate youth

When Illinois effectively banned punitive solitary confinement at juvenile detention centers, we eagerly bid adieu to such cruel and unusual punishment.

EDITORIAL: Juvenile justice reform effort has been exercise in good government

Nearly two-thirds of the children sent to the custody of the Alabama Department of Youth Services in 2016 did not commit a felony. Most were locked up for misdemeanors and probation violations. It costs taxpayers a lot of money, and it apparently is not the path to ending recidivism as these young offenders grow into adulthood.

Editorial: Legislature should approve juvenile diversion program

Most Florida counties are failing to provide an alternative means of rehabilitating kids who commit minor crimes that keeps them out of the criminal justice system, where they can acquire a rap sheet that trails them for life. 

EDITORIAL: Missouri needs to raise age of adulthood for criminal convictions

If you’re 17 in Missouri, you’re not considered an adult. You can’t vote, serve on a jury or buy cigarettes. However, if you’re charged with a crime, you’re automatically tried as an adult.

Editorial: Revisit teen sentences

New York took an enlightened step in criminal justice last year when Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation raising the age at which young people are treated as adults to 18 from now on. But what of those already behind bars?

Entrepreneur Launches Tech Company To Help Incarcerated People Connect With Family

“ Getting mail in prison is like hitting the lottery ,” says successful entrepreneur and “returning citizen” Marcus Bullock, 36. That knowledge inspired him to launch Flikshop, a simple app for your phone that allows you to send a postcard to an incarcerated friend or family member.

Extend Juvenile Courts Jurisdiction

I spend my Wednesday afternoons at State Correctional Institution-Graterford, a maximum-security prison about an hour away from Temple by car. Here, 10 inmates and the 10 students in my Death and Dying class join together in an Inside-Out course designed to foster transformative learning experiences between people who are incarcerated and those who are not.

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