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State Model & Technical Assistance


Campaign for Youth Justice Policy Campaign Model

CFYJ Policy Campaign Model


Just like a political campaign, CFYJ believes that all of the components in this policy campaign model should be developed and implemented in order to achieve sustainable legislative wins. When planning for a youth justice policy campaign, advocates benefit from having an effective roadmap that can guide them towards their legislative goal.

At the Campaign for Youth Justice, we provide guidance to state advocates interested in implementing the policy campaign model. We advise and partner with state advocates on how to best apply this model to their legislative goals, along with educating them on the benefits of creating a campaign plan.

CFYJ Technical Assistance

CFYJ utilizes the policy campaign model to affect change in a focused number of states that are ripe for reform. CFYJ’s approach has yielded tangible results and numerous state-level successes over the last nine years. Below is a sample of the type of technical assistance we provide state advocates, under the CFYJ Campaign Model:


  • Developing a campaign plan
  • Consulting on effective campaign strategies
  • Identifying opportunities for community engagement
  • Training on campaign tactics

Policy Advocacy

  • Advising on policy options and strategic planning
  • Assessing political landscape
  • Reviewing legislation


  • Data mining
  • Developing data tools for different audiences
  • Assist with research and policy report writing, fact sheets and other materials


  • Developing a communications plan
  • Identifying and training spokespeople
  • Consult on campaign branding
  • Advise on effective media strategies

Coalition Building/Outreach

  • Implementing a coalition framework
  • Identifying strategic partnerships and resources
  • Developing advocacy tools for outreach based on audience