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Mother's Day Series: Both of us in captivity in two different ways

Posted in 2017, Voices Friday, 05 May 2017

Mother's Day Series: Both of us in captivity in two different ways

To celebrate Mother's Day that is coming up on May 14, we will be highlighting throughout this week the voices of mothers of incarcerated youth, whose unconditional love and support is often the only ray of light for children behind bars. Next week, we will feature messages that youth in prison wanted to send their moms/caregivers for Mother's Day. 

By Vikki Stokes

We have risen above and will never give up, although hell came to greet us with its relentless hiccup.
But prayer without ceasing unleashes a power 
That can't be denied and miracles shower
Both of us in captivity in two different ways
My son, I am your mother and won't be ashamed
If you are behind cages or standing in front looking in
If telepathically only be first your son's friend

He may not trust anyone and seeks relief from the pain
Of waiting and waiting to clear his own name
Spiritually connected as mother sending invisible hugs
Supporting unknown issues knowing he isn't a thug
A juvenile waiting in an adult reality
Pray, write it down the positive of the duality 
The visions you have keep them, the dreams don't throw away, the hope let it grow and nurture through talk everyday
If there is nothing you can say and not much you can do, remind your son of the blessing that he is to you. 
Remember this is a test that can turn into testimony 
Remind your young man of his own self-worth and who is really in authority
I understand your fear, I've been through your pain, please remember the glory story when victory rains.
It feels like people rarely understand, you may feel embarrassed or undone 
But let me take your hand, in spirit you are not alone. 
With God by my side since we touched we agree that you will get to celebrate 
with your son just know and believe
This isn't your whole life and it definitely isn't his
send him books of stories and write letters of those who have seen this all end
Remind him remind him remind him and remind yourself too that God doesn't make any junk and YOUR son has YOU!
Take a moment for yourself, give yourself a hug and some love, keep shining bright like a diamond, soar like an eagle above.  You made it this far, again never give up in your way and above everything else have a blessed, happy Mother's Day!

-Vikki O.